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SADC Supports Killings In Zimbabwe : Analysts

Political analysts and human rights defenders have come out guns blazing against the Southern Development Community (SADC)’s soft hand on the recent military crackdown on civilians in Zimbabwe following a violent national shutdown.

Yesterday, SADC called for the removal of sanctions while condemning the demonstrations that followed fuel price hikes.

SADC also rallied behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa economic turn-around plan anchored on the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) which they said is bearing fruits despite foreign machinations from Non-governmental organisations and western governments.

Writing on Twitter,  political analyst Dr Pedzisayi Ruhanya described SADC and AU as irrational and archaic.

“AU, SADC are irrational, archaic, anachronistic and debauchery outfits that support slaughter of innocent citizens in Zimbabwe. They dont deserve civil respect. They have insulted the people of Zim too much. They should shut up on Zim if they have nothing meaningful to vomit, ” Ruhanya fumed.

Former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said SADC fell victim of President Mnangagwa’s misrepresentation of the situation in Zimbabwe while attending the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa Ethiopia a couple of days ago.

“SADC does not get it. This statement is gross misrepresentations of the grave situation in Zimbabwe; apparently based on Mnangagwa’s self-indulgent brief that flies in the face of tragic facts that are speaking for themselves on the ground!” Moyo wrote.

Renowned constitutional lawyer Fadzayi Mahere threw a jibe at SADC and AU describing the two organisations as institutions of oppression and dictators who have always turned a blind eye and deaf ear on human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

“Let’s face it – the Organization of African Oppression and the Southern African Dictators’ Community have never been our friends.

Zimbabwe, we are going to have to fight for our own freedom. None but ourselves, ” Mahere wrote on her micro blog Twitter today.

In an interview with the France 24 on Sunday night, President Mnangagwa challenged victims of the military crackdown to come forth with evidence, charging that reports of rape and killings were just but a charade by some organisations working in cahoots with the opposition the MDC.

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