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Security Forces Will Defend The Constitution: Mutsvangwa


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairperson, Chris Mutsvangwa has warned the MDC Alliance and organisers of the 31 July anti-Government demonstrations that the country’s security apparatus will defend the country’s constitution.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Mutsvangwa hailed security forces for publicly supporting President Emmerson Mnangagwa when they issued a statement against recent coup rumors.

“Our MDC dreamers, if they think they want to seize power here, they must go and look for a safe country somewhere else. When they are on this soil of Zimbabwe it will not happen because the defence and security apparatus which we fought for and gave birth to will be there to defend the Constitution of Zimbabwe. And I want to welcome and hail the decision of our security forces when they issued the statement publicly and unequivocally supporting the President to say that they will not tolerate an extra constitutional change of governments.

“This is a loyal force to the Government of the day which is Zanu PF, to the President of the day, which is President Mnangagwa and they are loyal to the people of Zimbabwe and through that they defend the people of Zimbabwe through the Constitution and that’s what is going to happen and we are warning anybody who is trying to go against the Constitution that you will pay the price because the defence and security establishment will be there to address such kind of miscreant behaviour,” Mutsvangwa said.

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The War Veterans leader said any attempts to grab power outside an election will be met with resistance.

“Any other recourse to try to seize power outside of the vote will be met with total resistance, will be met with force for force because you are trying to use violence to seize power, it will not be allowed; that’s what we say to the people who are talking about July 31. We say this because we experienced demonstrations that never yielded power from Ian Smith to the liberation movement to Zapu and Zanu to the Patriotic Front,” said Mutsvangwa.

Mutsvangwa’s warning comes in the wake of proposed anti-government demonstrations against corruption that had been called by Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume.

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