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“There Is No Crisis In Zimbabwe”

Government has dismissed as malicious, allegations of human rights abuse and a crisis in the country saying its a plot by known political activists and misinformed individuals to paint the government in bad light.

In a statement, Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Nick Mangwana said government has been enforcing lockdown regulations misconstrued for repression.

“To set the record straight, there is no crisis or implosion in Zimbabwe. Neither has there been any abduction or ‘war’ on citizens. Like any other country in the world, Zimbabwe has been enforcing Covid-19 lockdown regulations intended to safeguard and protect the lives of all citizens. Where necessary, the law has been fairly applied,” said Mangwana.

He said the campaign against the country is being peddled by use of doctored images and old videos circulating on social media platforms.

“The deliberate attempt to smear the country’s image is betrayed by the use of doctored images, old video clips and highly exaggerated claims on social media all intended to paint a picture of a burning Zimbabwe. Nothing could be further from the truth.” he said

“Government calls on its counterparts in the region and internationally, not to lose perspective of the fact that Zimbabwe has for long, suffered efforts to destabilize it by external forces that have a bone to chew with the country since the historic land reform programme. These efforts have in the past, taken many forms, from attempted insurgency to the current organised smear campaign, using blatantly false claims. Such smear campaigns are not unique to Zimbabwe and have been employed in other countries over the years.” he said.

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Mangwana’s remarks come at a time social media is abuzz with the #Zimbabweanlivesmatters which has seen Zimbabweans campaigning against the Government.

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