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Tsvangirai Charmed By Mnangagwa’s Visit


Movement for Democratic Change President, Morgan Tsvangirai has hailed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visit to his house last week, saying it signaled what must be the bane of the new politics in Zimbabwe.

Tsvangirai, in his new year message issued on Monday noted that Mnangagwa’s visit was a demonstration of unity among citizens adding that the opposition is not an enemy of the state but equally wishes the best for the people of Zimbabwe.

“For me, that visit to my residence by the new President was significant not only in terms of the content of what we discussed but in the import of its overall relevance.

“The visit signaled what must be the bane of the new politics of our time that an opposition party, especially one represented in our national Parliament, does not in any way constitute an enemy of the State. The opposition is just as patriotic and aspires and wishes for the best for our people,” said Tsvangirai.

MDC-T vice President, Nelson Chamisa in an interview with a local newspaper on the day of the visit applauded Mnangagwa’s gesture saying it represented new politics in the country.

“The visit represent a new politics which we want in this country, peaceful and working together.

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“Going forward, we want of see such kind of politics and peaceful elections.This is the direction and we hope it is the kind of talk that will be walked and talk that will be sustained. Going forward, we want to see a peaceful election in Zimbabwe and we are very appreciative,” said Chamisa.

United Kingdom based Political analyst and former Advisor in the Tsvangirai’s office during the inclusive government, Alex Magaisa said Mnangagwa’s visit to the ex Premier was a charm offensive that the new leader was making towards the international community.

“One of the major priorities of the new administration is to win the favor of the international community. This is fundamentally different from the Mugabe era where relations had been broken beyond repair.

“The new administration knows that repairing this relationship comes with certain conditions and this is why it will maintain a softer and more reasonable approach. The trip to see the biggest figure in opposition was also part of the charm offensive that Mnangagwa is making towards the international community,” wrote Magaisa on his personal blog.

He added that Mnangagwa was essentially communicating the message that he can co-exist with his biggest political rival and even help him in his time of great difficulty.

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“He is also communicating an openness to re-engagement, even with old rivals. It’s important that he went with his VP, Retired General Chiwenga, the quintessential hard-man who only recently led the push against Mugabe and was part of the military establishment that gained a reputation of being anti-Tsvangirai,” added Magaisa.


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