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Typhoid Outbreak In Harare’s Sunningdale Suburb


Harare’s Sunningdale suburb has been hit by a typhoid outbreak after recording nine cases, 263chat can reveal.

The cases were confirmed by Ward 10 Councillor Hammy Madzingira who attributed the outbreak to continuous sewer bursts in the surburb.

“Yes, I can confirm that there has been an outbreak of typhoid in Sunningdale 2. We have nine recorded cases. We are having a problem were sewer pipes have been bursting and at the same time water cuts which makes residents vulnerable,” said Madzingira

Cllr Madzingira said he has since notified the City Health department over the matter and has also started mobilizing support to curb the situation.

“I have since notified the City Health Department, but as you are aware they are also seized with the Covid-19, we are mobilizing resources so that we contain the outbreak. We are trying to supply residents with water guards and other disinfectants” he said

He called on residents to practice safe hygiene and boil water to avoid the diseases.

Typhoid is caused by a bacteria called salmonella typhi that infect the intestinal tract and the blood.


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