Zanu PF Full of Cheats, Dishonest and Abusive People: Nkosana Moyo 

Alliance for People’s Agenda President, Dr Nkosana Moyo has taken a swipe at the Zanu PF government calling them a group of dishonest cheats who abuse the people.

By Delicious Mathuthu

Dr Moyo who was recently in Gweru for a candidate identification mission to represent his party in the upcoming elections earlier this month said Zanu PF will definitely try to rig the upcoming elections.

“Zanu are going to try and cheat because they have always cheated, we know that.”

“Zanu being Zanu you can’t stop them from trying to cheat, they were cheating among themselves (during primaries), what more when they are contesting another party.

Dr Moyo, who had a brief stint with Robert Mugabe’s government as a cabinet Minister before quitting citing unworkable conditions and pursued his career with renowned international institutions, said Zimbabweans are very unhappy with the current situation and want change.

Asked on the issue of resources to reach out to the people and what he has to offer to the electorate as other parties in the race are offering, especially the ruling party, Dr Moyo said Zanu Pf is usurping government resources for the party.

“When a ruling party abuses people and pretends to be as a party giving them (electorate) things when they are in government they are giving them government things not party things.

“It means we have got a fundamentally dishonest government which is not telling people the truth and abuses citizens,” he said.

Dr Moyo said Zanu PF when in government is supposed to represent all citizens including those in other different political parties but is currently misbehaving as it is segregating people.

“When they are giving people zviyo, fertilizers and so forth, they are not supposed to be using party membership as criteria. That’s a party that does not deserve to be in government… a party that is abusing citizens, behaving like a political party in government when they shouldn’t be,” Dr Moyo said.

He challenged the media to enlighten citizens on their rights and what is expected from a national, non-partisan government.

On the new leadership in the country, Dr Moyo said there is nothing new about the new dispensation under President Emmerson Mnangagwa as he and the people in his government have been at the top of Zanu PF structures calling the shorts during the Mugabe administration and even responsible for overturning the 2008 election results.

On opposition leader Nelson Chamisa Dr Moyo said he would not waste time talking about him as he is not running the country.

He said the current culture in all political parties in the country is broken and elected members are not in government to represent the people but to enjoy luxuries that come with the job that’s why he has not joined any of them, deciding to form his own.

He said candidates to represent his party should be from the people as he would not waste resources on them on their campaigns.

The APA leader was in Gweru to identify and select potential candidates to stand for the 2018 elections and will proceed to Matabeleland North, South and Bulawayo.

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