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ZESA Has Right To Cut Off Power – Chasi

Energy and Power Development Minister, Fortune Chasi has made it clear that Zimbabweans deserved to have their power disconnected as most of them have failed to service their electricity bills which has seen the power utility company, ZESA sinking into huge debts.

Posting on his twitter on Monday, Chasi raised the ire of Zimbabweans who have had to make do with more than 10 hours without power as ZESA says power generation at major power stations remains low due to a number of factors that include low water levels.

“ZESA has a legal obligation to cut its loses. It cannot continue to supply power to people who do not pay. Switching off non-paying consumers is a real option. Be warned. This is regardless of what or who you are,” Chasi said.

This raged a storm with some people claiming that they use pre-paid meters hence they do not deserve to be cut off.

Lawyer and former Member of Parliament, Jessie Majome replied: “…by the same token a‘sekuru ZESA should deliver the power to us who pre-pay, the pre-paid public must cut its losses too – should it continue paying to a utility that does not supply and  why please doesn’t ZESA simply apply the law of contract on non-payers – cease supply and sue?”

Linda Masarira, president of LEAD said ZESA was inept in its approach as it exonerates Zanu-PF big wigs fingered in non-payment of their bills.

“ZESA once produced a list of those who do not pay for electricity and most of them were @ZANUPF_Official senior members and government departments. Put your house in order and tell your bosses to pay their bills and stop being hypocritical about it,” she said.

The power situation in the country has threatened to derail the little business from a few industries who have stood firm in this economic quagmire.

Chasi recently caused a storm after he claimed that the power company had paid US$10 million to ESKOM of South Africa meant to service its debt only for the company to deny ever receiving the payments, a move which forced Chasi to apologise while shifting the blame on Finance and Economic Development Minister, Mthuli Ncube and Reserve Bank Governor, John Mangudya.

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