ZIDAWU Pushes For Formalization of Artisinal Mining

Zimbabwe Diamond, Allied, and Minerals Workers Union (ZIDAMWU) is advocating for the formalization of artisanal and small-scale mines in a bid to reduce and curb the surge in mine accidents.

By Shantel Chisango

Commemorating World Day for Safety and Health, ZIDAMWU General Secretary Justice Chinhema said there is a greater need for unions, the government, and EMA to do health and safety awareness campaigns in small-scale mines to reduce accidents.

“We also think there is a need to do more awareness campaigns by unions, government, and Environmental Management (EMA) in small-scale operated areas,” said Chinhema.

The theme of this year’s World Day for Safety and Health at work is ” Anticipate, prepare, and respond to crises and invest now in resilient ohs systems.”

Furthermore, Chinhema stated that his union has been going around compiling information on the causes of accidents in mines.

He said miners have been greatly injured at work leading to the degradation of families, hence there must be compensation to families who lose their loved ones.

“We believe there must be compensation to families who would have lost a breadwinner through an accident at work.”

28 May has been observed since 2003 as the World Day for Safety and Health at work, and is an International Labour Organisation (ILO) initiative meant for the prevention of accidents and diseases at workplaces and also raise awareness of occupational safety and health.

The day is also commemorated as International Day for Dead and Injured Workers.

The day is aimed at promoting occupational safety and health globally, while the awareness-raising campaigns work at reducing the magnitude of work-related deaths and injuries.

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