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2023 Elections A Foregone Conclusion: Zanu PF MP

Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Uzumba constituency Simbaneuta Mudarikwa stirred a hornet’s nest after he told electoral stakeholders that the outcome of the 2023 harmonized elections were already known and a forgone conclusion.

Zimbabwe goes to the polls in 2023 amid calls for electoral and media reforms which the opposition says the status quo is tilted in favor of the ruling Zanu PF party.

Speaking during a local election advocacy organization meeting with the Parliamentary portfolio committee on Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services in Harare Tuesday, Mudarikwa said it is extravagant to spend money on a result that is known.

“We must also understand the process of democracy how much does it cost the nation, if I had my way elections should take place once in 10 years because the cost of the elections is very high and we still get the same results. Why spend money when you know that the results will come like this. 2023 we know what is going to happen because we are on the ground we know what is happening we know who is winning.

“If you are working hard you will win but the element of why I said Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is very independent the opposition controls 28 urban authorities why didn’t they say we don’t like the win that we were given by ZEC? It’s a foregone conclusion that someone is going to win in 2023 but my advice to some people is if you can’t beat them why can’t you just join them,” said Mudarikwa.

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His remarks were denounced by opposition Mutasa South legislator, Regai Tsunga who said they were dangerous and condemns the essence of elections.

“With due respect I think it’s a misplaced assertion to say that 2023 result is a foregone conclusion of course I heard that from one high placed individual in the revolutionary party that 2023 is a foregone conclusion that is dangerous and it rubbishes the whole essence of holding elections in a supposedly democratic country I would rather say we desist from those dangerous pronouncements,” said Tsunga.

Recently, acting Zanu PF national spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa whilst addressing journalists in Harare insinuated that 2023 elections were a dead rubber.

“As far as we are concerned 2023 election is a foregone conclusion in fact its over before the people vote.” said Chinamasa.

Mudarikwa said opposition political parties lack strategy to win elections and are losing elections because they are not on the ground.

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