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ED Blocked Me From Winning Presidential Elections-Muzorewa

United African National Council (UANC) leader Gwinyai Muzorewa has blamed President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government for blocking him from registering in the 2018 elections which he said he would have won with a landslide.

The United States-based politician told 263Chat that Mnangagwa, working with state security agents, connived to stop him from acquiring his birth certificate which was a prerequisite during the nomination court registration which led to his failure to register as a presidential candidate.

Mnangagwa went on to win the election beating 22 other presidential aspirants.

“It was like a scam and I was very upset because the Registrar General’s office keeps records of everyone in their books but to them, I don’t exist although I have had my birth certificate since the 1960s.

Consequently, I couldn’t register because of that paper and due to bureaucratic processes, I failed to register,” Muzorewa said.

He said he gave up after the nomination court closed before he could produce the document hence the people of Zimbabwe were denied a leader they deserved but emphasized that he will not stop as he is suing Mnangagwa and government.

“I’m suing the government because they deprived me of the chance to exercise my right,” he added.

Muzorewa believes that if he had contested, he would have won the elections and Zimbabwe would be at a better place.

“They knew that I was a bombshell,” he said with a laugh, “because I was going to do something and I’m sure about that. They deliberately stopped me using the secret service. So the main reason they stopped me is that they knew I was a threat to them and I would have mess up their chances,” Muzorewa noted.

He said he was the preferred candidate for the country as citizens were tired of Zanu-PF and the MDC

“People were tired of both Zanu-PF and the MDC so they wanted a fresh candidate who had a shot to win and I was that candidate, so it was a big strategy they used to stop me,” he said.

Asked on what he would do differently if he had won, Muzorewa said Mnangagwa is reading from his manuscript as he also wanted to turn around the economy.

“Mr Mnangagwa might just be doing some things that I wanted to do because we all wanted to turn around the economy. However, the difference is that he is not able to deliver and I could have delivered.

“I know I could have delivered because, in 1979, the UANC ran and won by a clear majority, uncontested and then they were in government people were happy before we went Lancaster, but we ran the country so well,” he said.

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