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COVID-19: ‘Zim Headed For Disaster’

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Acting Mpilo Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Professor Solwayo Ngwenya Wednesday issued a stern warning that the coronavirus will continue to spread across the country if social distancing and lockdown regulations are not followed.

Zimbabwe has recorded 4818 COVID-19 cases including 1544 recoveries and 104 deaths since the first case of the disease was recorded in March this year.

However, lack of adherence to lockdown set by the government has led to local and community cases to skyrocket in the past few weeks, a shift from the first three months when the virus was recorded in the country where the majority of cases were from returnees.

Consequently, Prof Ngwenya said the lackadaisical approach to the COVID-19 will have dire results in the coming weeks.

“Fellow Zimbabweans, the government of Zimbabwe. all the ministers, journalists, teachers, police officers, doctors, in pandemic times, we are heading to the abyss. Please take the advice and do the basic things right. Your hunger or desperation, the virus won’t care,” he said on his Twitter page.

Recently, the Professor of Obstetrics said since lockdown regulations are being refused, there will “many tears very soon”.

Although the government has insisted on social distancing, most people are going about their businesses normally, with most being forced by the situation on the ground.

Most people who commute to work using public transport are always forced to queue closely together.

The 6pm to 6am curfew enforced recently by the government has also not been followed with the police and soldiers using that decree to brutalize citizens.

There have been several reports of people who have been badly hurt by armed forces for failing to adhere to lockdown regulations.

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