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Chamisa Rebounds With New Party Name


Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has resolved to do away with the Movement for Democratic Change name by announcing the formation of the Citizen Coalition for Change.

Addressing journalists in Harare, Monday, Chamisa said the new name came after consultations with citizens and that the party will be centred around citizen participation.

“We have new everything, new headquarters, name, a new mindset and thrust of course a new focus and a philosophy. The philosophy being focus on the citizen making sure that we replace the citizen in all the discourses that we have seen eliminating citizens so that the citizen is back at the centre. The citizen is responsible for decision, policy making and every decision must be centred on the citizen that is where we are going.

“Where we have politicians taking over we want the citizens back so that we displace politicians and replace them with citizens that is who we are. We have always said we are building it and it is here. We keep moving forward we have opened new doors. We have listened to the people of Zimbabwe and this is not an easy decision. The people have told to leave the dirty past alone and focus on building a new fresh future,” said Chamisa

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Chamisa said he will lead the new outfit and do way with everything associated with the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

“I am the face of that future, I am ready to lead the charge until such a time and point where then people say we are giving the responsibility and onus to give another. Our focus is to champion transformation on behalf of Zimbabweans so our key thrust is to deliver a platform for transformation.

“We have said we do not want confusion and there is no confusion and those other people came for our name they thought that they have taken MDC-T, Tsvangirai, MPs , we said have it, finances we said fine share with Mr. Mnangagwa  the bed but I can tell you that it’s not a bed of roses, it’s a bed of thorns its only a matter of time. They had taken literally everything but thank God we have ourselves. So we have lost everything but not ourselves that’s why we are here. We are building on the basis of ourselves, nothing to do with the past or any wrangles.

“The new outfit has a new name that is perfect to have a meal with, The Citizen Coalition for Change, we have left everything colour red take it. We have a new colour in town gold, yellow and we are focusing on the new.” he said

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