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Burst Sewer Forces Chegutu School To Close Doors

CHEGUTU- Pfupajena Government Secondary School in Chegutu has send students back home owing to burst sewer pipe that has flooded the school posing a health risk to pupils.

A teacher (name withheld) at Pfupajena Secondary lamented how the sewer situation has affected movement of students and teachers disturbing the day to day activities at the school.

“The situation at Pfupajena is bad. Main gate is impassable as it has been blocked by raw sewer floods,” said the teacher.

Chegutu residents have also expressed discontent over sewer outburst at the Pfupajena Secondary.

“It’s time the scholars strike against uncondoned poor service that is violating their right to safe learning environment,” said Martha Machimbo.

“Its just reminding to town authorities that by infringing educational right they are jeopardizing their future,” added Machimbo.

In a telephone interview with 263Chat, Chegutu Mayor, Henry Muchatibaya confirmed that they are putting all their efforts to make sure that the school’s timetable gets back to normal.

“We took plumbers to the school and they managed to remove some blankets and concrete blocks that were blocking the system. We are working on opening a new manhole to prevent such from happening again. As a long term plan, the council is working on a rehabilitation programme to rehabilitate all old sewer systems an make Chegutu a better place,” said Muchatibaya.

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Meanwhile, Chegutu West legislator member of assembly, Honorable Member Dexter Nduna condemned the local authority for neglecting their duties.

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