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Call For Nominations In The IGNITE Youth Awards

Ignite Youth Organisation in collaboration Jibilika Trust is calling for nominations in The IGNITE Youth Awards which are slated to take place on Tuesday 22 December, in the capital.

The deadline to submit nominations is 30 November 2020

The awards aim to recognize and celebrate the contributions and achievements of socially responsible youth aged between 13-25 years.

These youths who have contributed to society in a positive way through a variety of initiatives can be nominated under the following categories…

Humanitarian Award: The Humanitarian Award recognizes youth who have put forth efforts to make their community a better place.
Tech Innovator Award: The Innovator Award shines the spotlight on the efforts of youth who have shown excellence in the fields of ICT and have used the power of technology for social impact.
Life-Saver Award: The Live-Saver Award celebrates youth (essential workers, such as nurses) who have gone above and beyond “the call of duty” during this COVID-19 period to save lives.
Education Award: The Education Award celebrates youth who have supported other children and youth to have access to learning opportunities during the lockdown period. This can be by volunteering and teaching through online classes, or campaigning and raising funds for youth from vulnerable communities to have access to educational resources.
Creativity Award: The Creativity Award recognizes youth who have successfully turned their creativity into an economic venture and who share personal expression through visual or performing arts, and those who cultivate other youth voices through their talents, media and digital art forms.
Role-Model Award: These are youth who are outstanding leaders, mentors, peer counsellors, or a positive influence on others.
Climate Activism Award: This Award highlights accomplishments made by youth in environmental advocacy projects and climate change ventures.
Phoenix Award: The Phoenix Award celebrates youth who rise with new life like a phoenix and display exceptional determination and stamina as they overcome significant life challenges. These can be youth who have succeeded despite disability, bounced back from setbacks faced by teen pregnancy, exceeded academically despite challenges, overcome violence, or helped their families or community address difficult circumstances, and who have in turn used these experiences to help others in similar circumstances.
Entrepreneurship Award: This award recognises youth who are making strides in the entrepreneurship sector despite all odds and show great business acumen, skills and resilience.
Girl Empowerment Award: This award honors outstanding and innovative contributions made by youth to advance girls’ and women’s empowerment.
Mental Health Award: This award honors outstanding and innovative contributions made by individuals to advance mental well being in society.
Sports Award: This Award recognizes youth who are making great strides in the sports industry and also making a positive impact through sport in their community.

Final selection of the 5 shortlisted nominees for each category will be made by a pool of experts, judges and mentors. The finalists will be contacted through email and invited for the awards ceremony planned for December.

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The criteria that nominations will be assessed against are listed in the nomination form below and on the category summary. Interested individuals can also self-nominate.



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