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CCC Members Demand Disqualification Of Aspiring MP Over Caucus Violence


Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members in Norton demanded the disqualification of aspiring parliamentary candidate Samuel Matemera accusing him of unleashing violence at the 6 May caucus meeting.

According to a letter signed by party members and addressed to party organizing secretary, Amos Chibaya, they complained about Matemera’s behavior whom they accused of hiring thugs and hooligans to disrupt the caucus meeting and stop another candidate Richard Tsvangirai from presenting his manifesto.

“On the 6th of May, Norton held its much awaited citizen caucus the 3rd stage of the candidate selection process. All candidates presented their manifesto except Richard Tsvangirayi whose speech was disturbed by Matemera’s hired thugs and hooligans masquerading as CCC supporters upon the realization that their preferred candidate was outnumbered and was clueless concerning the roles of an MP. As Norton residents and peace-loving people, we strongly condemn this disgusting and shameful ZANU-like behavior exhibited by Matemera and his hired Zanu PF thugs,” the letter reads.

CCC members also called for decisive action against Matemera, who they accused of violating section 4.2 sub-section Cii of the citizens’ caucus manuals.

“We call for the party to take decisive action against clueless Matemera who not only violated section 4.2 sub-section Cii of the citizens’ caucus manuals which says “ii) Nominated candidates will be disqualified from the selection process if they or their supporters are found liable for disorderly behaviour or in breach of the stated Candidate Selection Rules and Regulations” but also tried to physically assault a young man,” implored the residents.

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Opposition CCC after the caucus meetings is is expected to announce candidates who will represent the party in this year’s harmonized elections.

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