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Chamisa Calls For National Transitional Authority As Zimbabwe Burns.


The MDC President Nelson Chamisa has called for a National Transitional Authority to be instituted to save the country from further economic collapse fueled by legitimacy crisis that continue to hang around President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s neck as the 40 years old opposition leader  remains adamant that the 30 July 2018 harmonised elections were stolen.

Addressing the media today at party Head Quarters Chamisa said the country needs to embark on a political dialogue not for the purposes of government of national unity, but to restore legitimacy which he described as key in economic development.

“We are not going to accept a top down approach, but a bottom up approach.  It has involve clergy, civil society, communities and every concerned citizen of Zimbabwe.”

He lamented how his predecessor the late Morgan Tsvangirai and his party were duped by Zanu PF and war veterans on the political path the country should have adopted post Robert Mugabe era.

“Before the death of President Morgan Tsvangirai there was a unanimous agreement with our colleagues from across the political divide in Zanu PF. The war veterans who were discussing this with President Tsvangirai Mr (Victor) Matemadanda would know this and (Christopher) Mutsvangwa would know this that there was going to be an arrangement of a transitional authority after dealing with our common man Mr Mugabe.

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“But what then happen is that they reneged from that promise and then chose the path of elections without the transitional authority,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa described the 30 July elections as a coup which must be reversed as he maintains that President Mnangagwa is an illegitimate leader whose global re-engagement anchored on “Zimbabwe Is Open for business” mantra is not coming to fruition because of legitimacy crisis.

“Mr Mnangagwa can go to Davos, he can go to China, and nobody will listen to him.   When I also go which I intend to do very soon I will be saying another tune a different tune and the country does not need this discord.”

He further laughed off at President Mnangagwa’s intended  official opposition office in parliaments saying the 76 year old Zanu PF first secretary can proceed to institute the commonwealth approach but will not accept it.

“I have told Mr Mnangagwa that if he wants to create the position of an opposition leader, its fine he must create his own position because he is the one who is the opposition when you look at what people voted for.

“He must allow me to take up the position that the people voted me to take up.  He is sitting on a wrong chair and that’s why he wants to create another chair, a wrong chair again,” he said.

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President Mnangagwa had since advised his political opponents in the opposition to refrain focus from politics and move one urging the countrymen to work together to develop the economy to which Chamisa said is self-defeating.

“Whoever would say we want to move on, are simply cheating themselves. We cannot move on under the circumstances of an illegitimate outcome of the elections which is not what people voted.

“If anything, instead of moving on we move around.  And when we move around we are then entrapped in this vicious circle of contestation and disputation around the elections and around the direction this country must take.”




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