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Chamisa Speaks On Zim Crisis


Ongoing crisis that has rocked Zimbabwe for the past three weeks is as a result of lack of leadership in the country, MDC President Nelson Chamisa has said.

On Saturday Chamisa carried an assessment of fuel scarcity in the capital which has taken the Zimbabweans by storm.

During the cholera outbreak early September, Chamisa  described the  medieval diseases  as a serious indictment and a signal that the country is trapped in the past as water borne diseases  belong to the past.

Posting on his twitter after fuel shortage tour, the 40 years old opposition leader, threw a jibe at the government saying that it has failed to provided the much needed leadership deliverables leaving business institutions and people at the mess of fuel scarcity.

“Shortage of fuel is a shortage of leadership….As Zimbabweans we waste most of our time dealing with disastrous consequences of leadership kwashiorkor!” he posted.

Chamisa came face to face with the reality of the latest fuel shortage and had to wait in a queue for more than two hours at one of service stations in the CBD later on describing the situation as bad.

“THIS MUST BE STOPPED …Have been waiting for fuel since morning. Pfee muQueue yeFuel Cnlr Sam Nujoma/ Kwameh. I’m assessing the fuel situation at service stations in Harare. The situation is so bad!”

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MDC deputy treasurer and Kuwadzana East legislator, Charlton Hwende weighed in saying Zimbabwe has no economic difficulties,but leadership problem.

“Zimbabwe does not have an economic problem but a leadership and Political problem. Mugabe ended up being removed from office denying this fact. He created the problem by stealing elections from @tsvangirai. Now @nelsonchamisa got over 60% and his presidency was stolen.”

The government has since reiterated that the country has enough supply of fuel urging the citizens not to panic however expressing concern with some individuals which the it described as economic saboteurs.

Amid price hikes and shortages mainly because of the shortage of foreign currency, the economy has been finding it hard to sustain the nation as the country seems to be pulling in different sides.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has since warned that the government will heavily descend on those involved in illegal business operations like money traders believed to be behind the bond note’s loss of value.

“I have instructed the Minister of Justice to produce a new set of tough regulations as a matter of urgency so that currency manipulators feel the full weight of the law,” Mnangagwa wrote on his twitter account yesterday.



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