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Prioritize Service delivery, Bulawayo Councilors Told


Opposition Movement for Democratic Change leader, Nelson Chamisa has called on Bulawayo councilors to prioritize service delivery promising that his government will implement devolution of power to ensure local communities take charge of their own affairs without interference from the central government.

Addressing Bulawayo City councilors yesterday, Chamisa said service delivery affects human life, hence must be taken seriously adding that his government will commit to implement devolution to ensure that local communities are empowered to run their own affairs.

“The thrust of responsible local governance rests on accountability, transparency and service delivery. it is then imperative for councilors to adhere to the party template that demands that every people’s representative regular holds feedback meetings,” said Chamisa.

Bulawayo councilors cited interference from central government interference as one of the major challenges that was scuttling service delivery.

Chamisa has hit the ground running since his assumption of the leadership of the country’s biggest opposition party after the death of founding President, Morgan Tsvangirai of colon cancer.

Most local authorities are struggling to deliver quality service to residents due to resource constraints with areas such as Mabvuku, Tafara in Harare having gone for over 17 years without portable water.

Local authorities have also been accused of corruption which analysts says cripples city fathers from implementing their mandated roles.

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