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DMAC Lifestyle Centre Offers ‘Little’ Dubai in Harare

Children play with reckless abandon in water under the watchful eyes of their parents who are sipping expensive whisky on the ‘beach’ shores.

A live band is churning old school hits that are soothing the heart while nourishing the soul.

An exquisite Zimbabwean sound of yesteryear greats among them Leonard Dembo, Thomas Mapfumo, James Chimombe is exactly what the doctor ordered on a lazy Sunday.

Birds occasionally chirp on the serene environment which is well manicured.

Popular comedienne Madam Boss swimming at DMAC Lifestyle Centre

Located in Southerton area, about 12 kilometers from Harare’s CBD, DMAC Lifestyle Centre offers a relaxing atmosphere for both the old and young ones.

“DMAC Lifestyle Centre is a result of exposure that I got while traveling the world. It is inspired by what I noticed in Dubai. I realised that as a country we are losing lots of money traveling to Dubai and I said to myself why not bring Dubai here,” said the proprietor of the place Vimbai Chakanetsa.

Chakanetsa said he was inspired by the workmanship shown by people in Dubai in building their resorts.

“They do not have soil to plant trees and flowers. They import their soils here. Their best garden is seasonal because of their weather. We have the best climate here, I just said to myself why can’t we do it here,” he said.

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The place offers a whole range of products from entertainment to business events.

Staff at DMAC Lifestyle Centre

“Apart from relaxing and getting inspiration, the place also provides for events such as weddings, business conferences and birthday parties. We also have a restaurant and a world class bar,” he said.

Chakanetsa who hold several post-graduate degrees from several universities among them Cambridge University and London Business School said the concept will soon be rolled out in several African cities.

“We are planning to roll out the concept in several African cities. Our next stop is Kigali, Rwanda. We have done our due diligence there and the papers are already in order,” he said.

He challenged other business people in Zimbabwe to invest in the motherland.

“People are building mansions yet our industry is dying. Why can’t we invest in our industry. If we have twenty people building a place like this, our country will change for the better,” he said.

It is however, the pool and the man made beach which has seen the place dubbed Little Dubai.

A local band performing DMAC Lifestyle Centre on Sunday

When this news crew visited the place on Sunday, people were soaking themselves in the pool running away from the scorching October heat.

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Among the people who were enjoying themselves was popular comedian and social media influencer Madam Boss.

“This is a place to be on weekends. I am just chilling and recharging my batteries preparing for the week ahead,” she said.

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