Get Ready For Change: Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa Thursday said political change is on the horizon and urged the nation to brace for a new wave of ‘peaceful’ protests which would ultimately lead to the change in government.

He made the remarks while addressing mourners at the funeral of the late political activists, Patson Dzamara, who succumbed to colon cancer earlier this week.

In his address, Chamisa said the nation should envisage having people of the same mould as Dzamara who advocated for change and vowed that the time is fast approaching for when good times will come to the country, politically.

“Do not grow tired, we are almost there. These dark times are a precursor to good times which are upon us. Freedom is coming to Zimbabwe,” Chamisa said.

He urged his supporters to not be intimidated by excessive force being used by the state to silence opposition members.

“They should not scare us. They should not hope that we will show them our strategy and they should not invite us to a struggle, we will define and detect the terms of our struggle. When the time comes, we will tell you how is it supposed to be done. Get ready wherever you are to stand up for your rights, peacefully.

“We have every right to tell them that we are tired, we have the right to say enough is enough…” Chamisa said.

He further stated that President Emmerson Mnangagwa must not go around the world looking for re-engagement when he has not engaged his opponents locally.

“He goes looking for engagements but he is sidelining us. When he gets there he is asked if he has talked to us because when they have talked to him, they come back to us and ask about his traits and definitely we will not speak good about him,” Chamisa said.

Mnangagwa’s government set up the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) an amalgamation of opposition parties which contested in the 2018 elections, however, Chamisa’s MDC Alliance and other political parties refused to be part of the dialogue citing irregularities which needed to be addressed.

This has led to a serious socio-political and economic crisis and in recent weeks, has led to the government descending hard on opposition members and critics.

The Mnangagwa administration has however on several occasions, denied any hand in the situation ensuing countrywide.

Chamisa said Mnangagwa should approach him in how the country can move forward as he has the keys to turning around the fortunes of the troubled nation.

“If he (Mnangagwa) is wise, he should talk to the MDC and POLAD and approach us on how they can move forward as a nation and how the economy can recover because we have the means and expertise to deal with this crisis. For as long as some of you listen to him, you will never have a good life in your life,” Chamisa said



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