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GIS Training Workshop On Cards

Following continued efforts to enhance continuous Human Capital Development to institutions in Zimbabwe, AfriSkills has arranged a training workshop on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) running between 30 March and 3 April at Sabre Business World in Harare.

The training will be conducted by Webster Gumindoga a hydrologist with vast experience in water resources management and a wealth experience in GIS, satellite remote sensing and GPS application.

Stressing the importance of GIS in a statement prior to the event, Afriskills said, “Geographical Information Systems (GIS) have become an essential tool for planning, resource management and decision making. The ability of GIS to store, retrieve, analyse, model and map spatial data has enhanced its application. GIS gives organizations an integrated platform for creation, maintenance, and dissemination of records and data. It allows easy of operations and provides strategic support for the whole organisation’s asset data systems.

“GIS offers a wide range of facilities in various environments – it gives a medium for storing and analysing data on population densities, land uses, transport and road network, travel behaviour, for example, GIS is used in infrastructure management, project beneficiary mapping, service facilities mapping, land-use planning, market analysis, impact analysis and utility management. The most important objectives for using GIS are map/display and data integration.”

The course is intended for professionals who want to apply GIS to improve their monitoring and evaluation systems. It seeks to equip participants with in-depth knowledge of the GIS Software, its application and tools to visualize real-world features, explore spatial data and analyse maps to communicate information and make quick and informed decisions.

The course will also be taught through a mix of practical activities, theory, group work and case studies.

Interested parties are advised to contact Lloyd on +263 71 825 8715 and WhatsApp or email info@afriskills.com.

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