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Give Protective Equipment to Health Workers Manning Ports, Govt Told

Parliamentarians have laid into government for failing to provide protective equipment to health workers manning ports of entry into the country despite the risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus.

During an open session from Committee of Health and Child Care, Member of Parliament for Chinhoyi constituency, Dr Peter Mataruse said he witnessed nurses manning the Zambian border post with thermometer only.

“Last week I went to the Zambian boarder post and the nurse who was there only had a thermometer in hand. She needs to be protected because shes also at risk whilst testing travelers for coronavirus. I’m pretty sure its not the only port at risk. the government needs to do something about it,” said Mataruse.

In response, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Dr Agnes Mahomva said government would look into it and do something.

“Its not about having millions set aside to deal with the pandemic. Its about prioritizing whats important but of course we will look into it and make sure we do something about it,” said Mahomva.

Another traveler who recently came from China, Samantha Nyabondo told 263Chat that staff at the airport were not protected exposing them to the deadly disease that has claimed more than 3000 lives globally.

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“The airport attendants had no mask, If one was coming from China, they would be asked to get their hands sanitized and then asked to fill in a form that had questions on whether they had been to affected areas,” said Nyabondo.

Meanwhile, Mahomva said Global Fund was keen to support Zimbabwe with its preparedness and response plan on COVID-19.

“Global Fund said they are available to assist us and we should just put in the request. Our team sat and met and we should be able to submit by the end of March,” said Mahomva.

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