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All Set For Data Safety and Digital Security Training Workshop


In an attempt to raise awareness on the values of business data and how information security practices are meticulously implemented worldwide, technical training services giant, AfriSkills, has organised a two-day training course between 13 and 14 February for I.T Professionals Financial Managers, Risk Managers, Government Departments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Business Owners, Cyber Security Personnel and all other interested persons.

The course will be conducted by a veteran in the research and I.T field Admire Zaemba who boasts 10 years working experience
in I.T and research. His research interests include Enterprise IT Governance, Project Management IT Service Management, Cyber Security and IT  Outsourcing.

In a statement outlining the two-day training session, Afriskills highlighted that constant threat to business data has resulted in this awareness program.

“In today’s information age, business data is constantly and critically threatened. Proactive measures must be applied to address potential data security risks and manage the ever-changing regulatory and industrial requirements. Business information threats may affect intellectual property, strategic plans, financial data, or information about customers, associates and suppliers.

“There is need for clear view of organizations’ information assets and the potential vulnerabilities and risk they face throughout their lifecycle in order to implement effective data and information security policies. Gain an insightful understanding of the types of sensitive data assets, their value to the organization, how they are protected, what compliance requirements apply and their risk posture fundamentals to making strategic decisions and applying appropriate controls.

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“This Training Session seeks to provide executives and their teams access to a business-consumable data risk control centre, helping to uncover, analyse and visualize data-related business risks so they can take action to help protect their business,” said Afriskills in a statement.

The workshop will be held at Sabre Business World, Harare.

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