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Harare Man Locked Up For Assaulting Girlfriend

A Harare man, Moses Tapiwa Maswera, was arrested and remanded in custody on two counts of physical abuse against his girlfriend.

The woman alleges that Maswera assaulted her on two occasions: once in February after she came home late from a night out with friends, and again in March after she greeted another man at her daughter’s school.

On the first occasion, the woman found the gate to Maswera’s house locked when she returned home at around 8pm.

She called Maswera, but he refused to open the gate and told her to go back where she had come from. The woman spent the night at a friend’s house.

The following day, the woman visited her daughter at Lomagundi College. When she returned home that evening, she again found the gate locked.

Maswera opened the gate and started shouting at her.

He threatened to assault her, and then chased her around the yard, hitting her with a whip-like object.

A neighbor heard the woman’s screams and intervened, which is when Maswera stopped. The woman sustained several injuries as a result of the assault.

On the second occasion, the woman and Maswera were driving home from visiting the woman’s daughter at school.

The woman asked for a health break, and as she was walking back to the car, Maswera forcefully pushed her to the ground.

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The woman got back into the car and drove away, while Maswera shouted at her for interacting with a male parent at the school.

This incident led the woman to move out of Maswera’s house with her children.

Maswera is due to appear in court again on Monday.

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