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‘I Need 200 Days To Make Zimbabwe Work’ Declares Opposition Leader

Opposition party leader, Herbet Chamuka, of Ideas Party Of Democracy (IPD), says his party will only need 200 working days to solve the country’s problems if elected to the presidency in the 2023 elections.

The South African based politician told 263Chat recently that Zimbabwe’s challenges need a consented effort from all political leaders and citizens to solve hence if elected, he will invite all parties under one banner.

Upon election into office, Chamuka said he will ensure that civil servants are well paid and that there is real and meaningful development in Zimbabwe as well a local currency.

“IPD is a party that will solve our problems as a country in 2023. Want I want to assure the nation is that I will need 200 days only to solve whatever is troubling the country which includes improved living conditions for civil servants.

“One of the key issues we will deal with is to ensure that we have a currency which is stable and we will also have a price control so that there is uniformity in prices across the country.

“Today, there are various prices for various cities or towns, which is bad for a country that wants to develop,” he said.

The country is currently using a local currency, the Zimbabwean Dollar together with an array of other currencies meant to ease currency liquidity.

The ZWL has been on a stable trajectory over the past few months following Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s auction system.

Chamuka showered President Emmerson Mnangagwa with praises for coming up with the Vision 2030, which the second republic is using as a yardstick for development, premised on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).

He further called on all political leaders to come together to build the country saying the culture of violence and demonstrations should be put aside and allow citizens to work for the common good.

“What we will not be doing as IPD is to demonstrate against the current government, we will not call for regime change. Our clarion call is development, we want to see developmental projects for everyone. we don’t want violence, we want peace.

“Being a political leader is not a license to instilling violence against your opponents, it’s all about leading equally regardless of your party. We want a leadership that can be able to relate with other countries, have meaningful dialogues, a leader who can start trading with other nations for economic development,” he said.

Chamuka added that he will embark on a nationwide campaign next year to mobilize for votes ahead of the 2023 elections

“We want to be moving around the country talking to the people to hear their grievances. So the youth wing suggested that we go around the country and see how best as IPD we can help the suffering masses.

The problems that need urgent attention, we will be trying to solve them instantly, those that need time, we will give them timelines on when we can solve them. We know people are fed up with empty promises from politicians but as IPD, for our tomorrow, we take action today,” he noted.

However, Zanu-PF Acting Spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa was recently quoted in the media saying the 2023 elections were already a “foregone conclusion” declaring his party is confident of romping to victory.

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