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Enough Is Enough, Chivhayo Warns Matutu

Controversial Harare businessman Wicknell Chivhayo has come out guns blazing against people he said have a tendency of throwing his name around whenever they are appointed to influential positions saying he equally protected by the constitution.

Posting on Twitter today, the former convict challenged those with evidence of his alleged corrupt activities to deliver it to the police.

“Ndaneta neku shungurudzwa. Munhu wese aita Chigaro anotanga nekuti WICKNELL CHIVAYO. Enough is enough…I’m a CITIZEN of this country and I’m equally protected by the constitution. If you have evidence implicating me please deliver it to the nearest police station ASAP,” said Chivhayo.

Chivhayo’s name appeared on the list of alleged illegal foreign currency dealers and corrupt individuals in both the ruling Zanu PF and corporate world.

Chivhayo further fought back at Zanu PF Youth League Deputy Secretary General Lewis Matutu saying his stance to include Reserve Bank Governor was disrespectful of the Presidium.

“It therefore creates a lot of unnecessary confusion and speculation of infighting within our PRESIDIUM. In my view if you can’t respect the appointing authority to such powerful offices (some in the executive) YOUR FUTURE on that position and even in the party is BLEAK…,” tweeted Chivhayo.

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