Just In: FIFA Team Coming To Zimbabwe

A FIFA delegation is heading to Zimbabwe to assess the damage to sports infrastructure caused by the deadly Cyclone Idai which hit the country in March and left hundreds of people dead while displacing thousands more.

The delegation has already met with the Mozambican Football Federation and visited sports facilities destroyed by the natural disaster, with the aim of assessing the damage and, above all, identifying the most effective ways to offer help.

The FIFA Foundation, which aims to help promote social change around the world will be in Zimbabwe on 18  May and will meet with Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA)  officials which will appraise them on the impact of Cyclone Idai on sports infrastructure.

In a letter addressed to the ZIFA Secretary-General, the foundation said it will look at what its implementing partners have been doing in as far as football development is concerned

“Following the devastation of Cyclone Idai, The FIFA Foundation wishes to show its solidarity and respect to the people of Malawi, Mozambique and possibly Zimbabwe and wishes to initiate discussions about football infrastructures requiring most urgent repair to enable the local football community to pursue the passion for their sport in times of real need,” reads part of the letter.

“Since we have NGOs in Zimbabwe that are funded under this program, we are taking the opportunity of our presence in the region to also pay them a visit and discuss their initiatives as well as see their work with our own eyes,” the letter said.

ZIFA Spokesperson, Xolisani Gwesela told 263Chat that the team is definitely coming to asses the impact of Idai.

“It’s a separate entity and they will definitely be coming to asses the impact of Cyclone Idai on sporting infrastructure and to also see how they can possibly help to repair the damaged facilities,” he said.


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