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 Man beds daughter, claims clan does not consider it a taboo


A Harare man stood before the court after bedding his brother’s step daughter and claiming that his clan does not consider the act a taboo.

Dzingai Musanjeya, 33 who resides at number 186 Eastvile phase 4 California, Harare was today dragged before Harare magistrate court facing rape charges.

The court heard that Musanjeya took Sarudzai (not real name) 15, to bed several times starting from 1 January 2016.

According to state papers, the accused was caught pants down, raping  the complainant in her bedroom after he had visited the family in Mt Pleasant, Harare.

The accused denied charges  laid upon him saying that in his clan they do not consider bedding a step-daughter a taboo.

“It is possible to have sex with a step-daughter because in my clan we do not consider it a taboo,” said the accused.

In defending himself he also said that he proposed love to the complainant before they indulged in the act.

However, the complainant told the court that accused threatened her with a knife after he had tried to lure her  to bed with a $50 note.

Musanjeya denied these claims saying he does not move  around with a knife.

“I never  threaten her with a knife because I do not  move around with a knife in my pockets ,” said Musanjeya.

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Representing the state, Prosecutor Rudo Chasi said the accused was not telling the truth as he failed to defend himself upon cross examinations .

Harare magistrate, Fadzai Mthombeni  adjourned the case to Monday 23 May 2016 for judgement.

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