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Hardworking Civil Servants Honored

A local non-governmental organisation, Accountability Lab Zimbabwe (ALZ) will today honor hardworking civil servants going beyond the call of duty to serve their communities.

Through their Intergrity Icons campaign, ALZ will “name and fame” those working in the public service but exhibiting intergrity and professionalism to the satisfaction of their communities.

“It is a way to create meaningful conversations about what it means to be a public servant and shines a light on the role of ordinary people in strengthening institutions in a society such as ours. It also encourages us to think about what is needed to build an open, inclusive and accountable societies,” reads a statement from ALZ.

According to ALZ, five civil servants will be named intergrity icons of the year 2022 with one being selected for the people’s choice award.

Zimbabwe is currently battling high corruption with most public service facilities such as passport office, vehicle inspection department, central vehicle registry and the police being among the most corrupt.

The ALZ Intergrity Icon campaign therefore seeks to infuse a culture of intergrity among civil servants to promote transparency and accountability in Zimbabwe.

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