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Ministers Ellard & Sharon Cherayi Deliver Compelling Performances on ‘Fara Iwe Moyo Wangu’

Ellard & Sharon Cherayi

Backed by an upbeat melody and stirring lyrics ‘Fara Iwe Moyo Wangu’ by gospel couple Ministers Ellard and Sharon Cherayi is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages.

The powerful and uplifting anthem paints a vivid picture of the peace associated with a profound spiritual connection, from joy and relief to comfort and security. 

Released a few months ago, ‘Fara Iwe Moyo Wangu’ has been well received and is lifting the spirits of all who have heard it so far.

“Its inspiration comes from someone who is going through a difficult phase in life, but they begin to find comfort in knowing that God is right there with them,” explains Sharon Cherayi.

“The message in the song is about a person who encourages themselves by knowing that Jesus is alive and is a light that shines in the darkness.”

The song was written, arranged and produced by Michael “Tiki” Manyika with the help of Sharon Manyonganise-Cherayi. 

The song’s opening begins with uplifting instrumentation combined with Sharon Cherayi’s passionate vocals creating a truly inspiring track.

His husband Minister Ellard joins later in the song with his heartfelt verse, creating perfect harmonies on the soaring chorus. 

‘Fara Iwe Moyo Wangu’ has been doing the rounds now since its release and the couple says the response has been overwhelming

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“From the way the producer made the song to the arrangement of instruments was just on point,” said Ellard Cherayi of Michael Manyika.

“On delivery, we were able to capture the soul of the song from the lyrics and when the lyrics are sung from a point of understanding what they mean, they drive home the message to the heart of people.

“This is what makes the delivery unique. Although we cannot run away from the skill executed by both parties, they showed a lot of maturity in the way they led and blended on the song.”

Check out Fara Iwe Moyo Wangu on the link below

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