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New Details Emerge On Zanu PF Leader Arrested On Trafficking Charges

Lawyers representing top ZANU PF Mashonaland West province member Pax Muringazuva have today revealed that their client’s arrest was as a result of trumped up allegations by his political rivals, who wants to derail his election campaign in Hurungwe North constituency during the  forthcoming elections.

Muringazuva will be contesting in the forthcoming Zanu PF primary elections, which are slated for next month.

Through lawyer Mr Admire Rubaya, Muringazuva claimed that his political rivals, who have already sensed his victory in the primary elections, have launched a ‘smear campaign’ involving manufacturing criminal accusations against him.

Muringazuva appeared in court facing charges of ‘assist any person to enter, remain in or depart from Zimbabwe’ and human trafficking.

He allegedly haboured eight Pakistan nationals at his Mabelreign house in Harare with intent to traffic them to South Africa.

The Pakistans had 30-day holiday VISAs, according to the State.

“The allegations are as a result of my client’s political rivals, who are bent on tarnishing his good reputation and want to derail his election campaign in the forthcoming elections where he is contesting for Hurungwe North constituency.

“These are just malicious accusations from those who have aready sensed his victory, as he has been and always work hard towards developing that constituency,” said Rubaya in an interview soon after Muringazuva appeared in court.

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Muringazuva was released on $300 000 bail coupled with other conditions.

Farukh Dilawar, Tahir Azeem, Sikandar Zulqarnain, Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Fayaz, Muhammad Arham Asif, Muhammad Ali Ghazi and Muhammad Waqas Ali are the eight that Muringazuva allegedly haboured at his house and intent to traffick to South Africa.

The eight also appeared in court facing allegations of violating the Immigration Act.

They were remanded in custody to tomorrow for bail application when they appeared before magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi.

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