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Not Yet Time To Write MDC Political Epitaph: Mwonzora

Opposition MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has conceded defeat in the recently held by-elections but vowed it is not yet time to write his party’s political epitaph.

Mwonzora’s party running under the MDC Alliance performed dismally in both the Parliamentary and local government elections dominated by new outfit Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and Zanu PF who won 19 and 9 parliamentary seats respectively.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Harare, Mwonzora said they got it wrong and will respect the wishes of the people.

“Yesterday the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission announced the official results in respect of the by-elections that were held over the weekend, it is clear from the results that the MDC Alliance and the MDC-T did not do well in this election obviously one way or the other we did not put our act together.

“As the MDC Alliance we respect the wishes of the electorate as expressed in this by-election, what remains very clear to us is the need for serious electoral reforms in this country. As the MDC –T and the MDC Alliance we are going back to the drawing board as we make serious preparations for 2023 elections.

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“Our party has everything that it needs to win elections to that end we have lined up a lot of key meetings of our organs. We remain committed to our values of social democracy, we also remain to our values of dialogue as a main vehicle to deal with the social, political and economic problems bedeviling our country,” said Mwonzora.

The MDC-T leader bemoaned the low voter turnout which he said was a clear message by the electorate to the country’s political leaders that they are disappointed.

“These by-elections were some of the most apathetic in Zimbabwe’s post-independence history, it is clear that by not turning up to vote the majority of the Zimbabwean electorate are communicating a clear message to the political leadership of the country.

“This message is underpinned by the growing disillusionment of the electorate under the current conditions. However, we wish to congratulate those that have emerged victors in this election and hope that we will be able to work together when in Parliament and in Council. Our collective duty is to the Zimbabwean people first and foremost,” he said.

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