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“Snake Under Grass” Chanter Contemplates Divorce After Few Weeks Of Fame

Barely two months after lighting social media and gaining fame, “snake under grass” chanter, London Boy has revealed that he is contemplating a divorce from his wife.
London Boy, who rose to fame through a video where he was captured, allegedly under the influence of drugs, chanting the phrase “mahorror snake under grass” revealed that there hasn’t been peace in his home ever since the viral video.
The video saw a couple of brands seeking to ride on his popularity which has become the source of the couple’s problems. In a recent tweet, London Boy said his wife assumes he is making tonnes of money when in actual fact he is not getting much.
“I’m having serious problems with my wife and I think the best way to solve the issue is divorcing. My wife thinks that I’m making money through the fame that I have now yet I’m not earning much,” he wrote on Twitter.
However, this tweet ruffled most Zimbabweans online who told him he is getting too ahead of himself.

“Chill Chief. Rather divorce with your fame. Family will cost you beyond this earthly life,” Twitter user Sir Moogs said.

“2 minutes idzodzi makutofunga kuramba mkadzi?” user MaungaClive queried, while others like SamaitaDrew poked fun at the situation writing, “don’t worry your money is undergrass, haisi kuoneka chete asi iripo, checka balance mubank,”

Meanwhile, this came as a surprise to some as London Boy was all up on social media flaunting his wife and playing happy family recently.

“Its not the solution chibaba, chill down and talk to your wife, u seemed to have a nice family a few days ago wani, try to talk it through, vakangofanana vanhu ava,” El Chapo the pig farmer said.
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