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Drama in Parly as Minister Mpofu, Mliswa Clash

Drama and disorder reined in parliament on Thursday as Home Affairs minister, Obert Mpofu clashed with the mines and energy committee chairperson, Themba Mliswa with the former insisting on not cooperating until the Norton legislator was recused from chairing proceedings.

Mpofu who was set to answer questions on the missing $15 billion bullied legislators arguing that he will not cooperate as long as Mliswa chairs the proceedings.

“Never will I speak or answer anything if you are seated there, I will never do that, he has attacked me several times in the press so never,” vowed Mpofu.

“Let me go and wash my hands instead, I said never, never Mliswa if you are seated there. You can never intimidate me, you do not know who I am and you will never convince me to talk,” he said.

In response, Mliswa asked him to write a letter to the clerk of parliament asking for a change of chairperson.

“Minister Mpofu, you came here knowingly that I am going to chair this hearing but you did not bother to ask about this. Here we are guided by the laws, so if you want that you should have told the clerk of parliament,” said Mliswa.

However, Mpofu claimed that he was not formerly invited to appear before the committee but had come because of his respect for parliament.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF Kwekwe legislature, Masango Matambanadzo who is also a member of the mines and energy committee dashed to the defence of Mpofu saying he has the right to seek the recusal of Mliswa from chairing the meeting.

“He is my minister, give him time to discuss this issue, we are not going to allow you to treat him as a criminal and he is not one. He has a right to ask for someone to chair,” he said.

Commenting on his Twitter handle, political analyst, Alex Magaisa said, “has managed to turn this into a circus. This chap called Matambanadzo is behaving like a hooligan. If Mpofu wants @TembaMliswa to recuse himself he must give reasons. He can’t just say he won’t cooperate because Mliswa is chairing.”

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