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You Are Offside On Parliament Perks, Mliswa Tells Chamisa

Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa says opposition Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa is offside after the latter said Parliamentarians from his outfit had crossed the lines by accepting US$40 000 loans from the ruling Zanu PF government.

The Members of Parliament’s Welfare Committee, which includes party chief whips, convened last week and agreed that each MP should get US$40 000 for the purchase of MPs‘ residential stands.

Chamisa in a scathing video said CCC legislators had crossed the line and will be punished by the citizens come election time.

In a post on microblogging Twitter, Mliswa who refers Chamisa as his uncle told the opposition leader not to be swayed by social media.


“Apa sekuru vangu (my uncle) Moyo @chamisa marasika (you are lost). Don’t be pressured by social media to deviate from what is practically fundamental and support ephemeral and utopian positions. Using your analogy we can also say you were captured by Mugabe through the benefits he gave you. Is that it?

“As a party you should be on the ground, have synergy with the electorate on the ground and not just social media. Don’t be pressured and swayed all over the place by social media into attacking a purely clean arrangement. You run the risk of contradicting yourself,” posted Mliswa

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A source within the opposition movement said most legislators were dissatisfied by Chamisa’s ranting saying he risks rebellion from them.

“They (legislators) are unhappy because they say it is part of their welfare and were the ones elected, he also benefitted from the same Zanu PF government during his tenure as ICT Minister in the Government of National Unity. Yesterday he met the legislators but they were defiant. He risks rebellion because of statements that he made in relation to the punishment from citizens,” said the source

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