Friday, June 2, 2023
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Pokello Breaks Silence On Bleaching

Socialite, Pokello Nare has broken her silence on mudslinging critics who allege the high-riding public figure of skin bleaching.

Nare, who usually lets storms slide without responding or addressing them said in a recent tweet she has learnt to address lies dragging her name in the mud for silence is taken as upholding stance to the lies.

“Now I have learnt that when I remain quiet it gives you the impression that it’s ok to lie about me. This bleaching agenda you try and push when it comes to my skin colour will stop. It’s very shallow to think every light-skinned woman bleached,” said Nare before releasing pictures from her childhood.

Nare is not the only socialite bullied for their skin colour. Popular comedienne, Madam Boss has also fallen victim to the charade with rivals in the industry employing it to troll her.


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