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Mai Titi Goes White, Trashes Black Men

Renowned comedienne Mai Titi, born Felistas Murata, is now looking to settle down with a white man after numerous attempts with black men hit a wall.

In a post making rounds on social media, Mai Titi said her pictures with different black men, which many suspect to be her partners, should never get her fans aroused as she now looks to settle with a white man.

“If I’m ever going to date again, trust me anenge asiri munhu mutema (it won’t be a black person). Below is a picture taken by Dhewa’s girlfriend yesterday kushow. Mukandiona chete ndine murungu then moziva kuti ndiCatfather (If you ever see me pictured with a white person then he is the one). Zveava varipazasi apo muskana wavo ndiye akatotora pikicha irori ivo vanonzi Dhewa. Ndatenda,” she wrote on Facebook.

Mai Titi was in a flashy wedding with Tinashe Maphosa in April. The two attracted nationwide attention and so big was the event that the national broadcaster, ZBC, sought rights to stream the auspicious occasion. To seal off the glam, they invited South African songstress Kelly Khumalo to entertain guests.

However, the relationship did not last as the two ended up splitting four months into the union.

She has previously with an upcoming musician Zizoe Pamyk and another Nigerian businessman Charles Obina Ugwa also known as Mr Obina both relationships not lasting more than a year.

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Mai Titi recently opened up on her last union with Maphosa whom she accused of conning her and leaving her heavily indebted following a lavish wedding that gobbled tens of thousands of United States dollars.

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