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Report Objectively, Mushohwe Tells Journalists

Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Christopher Mushohwe has urged journalists to objectively report on issues that promote nation building as well as selling the brand Zimbabwe

Mushohwe made the remarks at the National Sports Stadium where he had gone to assess preparations for the Independence Day celebrations last week.

“Our media has been found wanting, and in most cases they (private media) reports like politicians by involving themselves in political fights when in fact the purpose of the media is to inform the nation of the goings on, whether positive or negative.

“The media has a role to inform the public, the media is a messenger , It should not be an author but a passage through which information that has happened passes through,” said Mushohwe.

He further stated that, among other roles, the media should not interpret but transmit messages to the public.

“Sometimes you find the media trying to be an interpreter and in the process they get it all wrong because they interpret what they think the author of the information wanted to say. No.  That is not their role. Their role is to disseminate information as it is,” he added

He said the media has the potential to build or destroy or build the country.

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“The onus is on us as the media to promote nationhood. Let’s not go out there and demonize the country.

“We have to make sure we write constructively so that we attract foreign direct investment, which will see employment being created for those who are unemployed, this will take our country in the positive direction,” Mushohwe said.

He encouraged Zimbabweans in the diaspora to come back and invest in the country a move which he says will create political stability and eliminate social ills.

Unemployment in Zimbabwe currently stands above 80% with many professionals now turning to informal sector for survival.

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