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Thokozani Khupe Expelled From MDC-T

The love hate relationship between Thokozani Khupe and the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC-T has come to an abrupt end following her expulsion from the political outfit.

Khupe was recently suspended from the MDC-T for allegedly flouting some provisions of the party’s constitution and later held a press conference announcing that party president Douglas Mwonzora expelled himself from the party and should be recalled from parliament. She also announced that the MDC-T had officially split.

Speaking during a press conference at party headquarters, Douglas Mwonzora said the party’s national executive had resolved to part ways with Khupe.

“The meeting noted the declaration made recently by Dr. Khupe, our vice president that there was a split within the party and that she was the leader of her group in the Parliament and that they were entitled to the political parties funding under the Political Parties Finance Act. The national executive committee completely rejected the declaration of a split.

“There is no split that has happened in the MDC-T this because Dr. Khupe had her press conference at McDonald’s Hall in Mzilikazi, she was accompanied by only two MPs that can hardly be described as a split. After the declaration none of MPs in Parliament followed her. We are happy to note that 100% of our provinces rejected the split.

“What that means is the national executive committee recommended to the national council that Dr. Khupe is no longer a member of our party by virtue of her declaration. She according to her is now a president of a political party, we don’t know what that political party is called but definitely it is not the MDC-T. The MDC-T is a party that is led by people who follow the law, by people who have to go to an extra ordinary congress.” said Mwonzora

The MDC-T leader said Khupe was ill advised by members of the G40 cabal who include Professor Jonathan Moyo and ‘half baked’ lawyers from the newly established Citizens Coalition for Change.

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