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Unity Day: Linda Masarira Hails Selfless Mugabe, Nkomo

Opposition LEAD president Linda Masarira has hailed late President Robert Mugabe and Joshua ‘Father Zimbabwe’ Nkomo for unifying the nation and laying the foundation for ‘unity and peace that has prevailed in this country over the years’.

In a statement issued by LEAD’s spokesperson Everjoy Chidindi ahead of Wednesday’s unity day, Masarira encouraged Zimbabweans to dump all vices that promotes disunity.

“December 22 is the day we celebrate unity as Zimbabweans. A day we foster unity and encourage tolerance in our diversity. We join our fellow Zimbabweans as we celebrate together the unity and peace that has prevailed in this country over the years and encourage every one of us to preach the good news of unity, peace and love.

“One hand washes the other. Our ancestors said, “Chara chimwe hachitswanye Inda” in that same spirit we encourage all Zimbabweans to delete and dump all vices that disable unity of purpose. A house divided against itself will not stand. We can only build this great nation together united in our diversity,” said Masarira.

She saluted Mugabe and Nkomo for setting aside their egos to put Zimbabwe and its national interests first.

We would like to show much appreciation and respect to our founding fathers of Unity, the late Joshua Nkomo and the late former President of Zimbabwe Robert Gabriel Mugabe, for setting aside their egos and agreeing to put Zimbabwe, its national interests and Zimbabweans first”.

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Masarira further called on political parties to emulate the spirit of ubuntu exhibited by Nkomo and Mugabe to save Zimbabwe from doom.

“Every year we celebrate this unity of once warring political parties and encourage all existing parties of today to emulate the same spirit of Ubuntu that prevailed then, to save Zimbabwe from doom and all peace and unity to prevail in our political economy today.

“The biggest lesson we draw from the unity accord resolution is that at all times, we should all put the interests of Zimbabwe first ahead of our own personal interests or egos,” further noted Masarira

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