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Zanu-PF Pleads With Nation To Be Patient With Mnangagwa

The ruling Zanu-PF party has embarked on an intensive drive to persuade the nation to give President Emmerson Mnangagwa a chance to “prove his capabilities” as the country’s economic woes continue to mount.

The youth league national political commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu told Wedza villagers over the weekend that Mnangagwa’s policies might be tough but will eventually bear fruits.

This comes as prices of basic commodities continue to shoot on the backdrop of fuel prices increases, which have become regular in recent weeks.

Tsenengamu said, Mnangagwa, unlike former President Robert Mugabe, will not force business owners to reduce prices in their shops as this will cause total  industry collapse.

He said the Mnangagwa government is aware of the people’s plight and he is “working around the clock” to rectify the challenges.

“We have to be very patient with President Mnangagwa’s policies because they are taking the country in the right direction. He will not get in shops to control prices but he is doing all his best to make sure everything is in its rightful place,” he said.

“If Mnangagwa goes around controlling prices, investors will stay away and we will continue to suffer,’ Tsenengamu said.

Ironically, when Mnangagwa came into power, his promise was premised on bringing in investors who would channel in funds which would see the reopening of industries which have been lying idle for years.

After the 2018 election, there was hope that Mnangagwa’s promises would bear fruits but the brutality at the hands of the military post-election and in January when citizens protested against fuel prices and a shrinking economy, has hampered chances of him attracting the much needed foreign direct investment.

With the current acute power shortages, the remaining functional companies have been threatened as the business has been slow.

Tsenengamu said the citizens have a right to demand a good life from a sitting President since they voted for him but he said the job ahead needed a collective effort.

“We are used to a President who interferes with business, but he is one a person who will not do so. President Mnangagwa will do the right thing but he needs your support for the economy to function,’ said the youth leader.

Wedza South Member of Parliament, Tinoda Machakaire said people should be patient with President Mnangagwa’s austerity measures saying there are good for the country.

He bemoaned the high levels of starvation in his constituency saying all focus should be on finding solutions to the challenges people are facing.

“Our people are hungry, there is drought in Wedza, our ordinary people do not afford these exorbitant prices charged here. I have since approached relevant authorities to deal with such issues,” he said.

Machakaire donated several tonnes of rice saying it will cushion villagers from exorbitant charges.

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