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‘Chamisa Is Too Weak To Lead’


Former ZanuPF member, Godfrey Tsenengamus has accused Citizens Coalition for Change leader, Nelson Chamisa of lacking leadership qualities which he said will be his Achilles heel in the 2023 elections.

Tsenenegmau said Chamisa failed the leadership test when he remained silent over the continued detention of some of his senior members and party supporters who have spent more than 110 days behind bars.

Tsenengamu said despite being a likeable character who oozes charisma, there is nothing that the former legislator can offer the electorate.

“We believe in confronting the problem whatever it is and we are so much convinced that under the leadership of Advocate Nelson Chamisa if we were to work with him under the CCC we were not going to achieve what we intended to achieve.

Yes, we admit they are a very strong movement, Chamisa is very likeable, very popular and a good public speaker, but we think that he is weak somehow, he is ineffective,” Tsenengamu said.

He urged Chamisa to move away from his usual stance where he constantly tells his supporters to pray for change.

“The situation that Zimbabwe finds itself in does not require leadership that thinks Zanu PF is going to be removed through prayers and tweeting, Zanu PF is a beast that has to be confronted head-on, Zimbabwe requires a movement that can square up to Zanu PF blow by blow,” Tsenengamu added.

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The latest attack on Chamisa comes as another former ZanuPF supremo, Professor Jonathan Moyo has been incessantly attacking Chamisa for not having well-organised party structures which will ensure a coordinated approach ahead of the 2023 elections.

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