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Zanu PF Youths Bay For Jim Kunaka’s Blood

Zanu PF youths have called for the arrest of former member, Jim Kunaka following his revelations at the commission of inquiry into the 1st of August shootings implicating the ruling party for the violence perpetrated against opposition supporters since the formation of the MDC in 1999.

Kunaka who was the Zanu PF Harare provincial Youths Chairperson told the Kgalema Motlante led commission of inquiry that during his days in the ruling party, youths members were used as police officers to assault opposition supporters.

But in  a letter to Kunaka seen by 263Chat, Zanu PF Harare Provincial Youth League Chairperson, Godwin Gomwe said the law will soon catch up with the former Chipangano militia boss.

“A thank you for telling the world. Jim let me put it to you that the spirits of those you killed and the Laws of the land will soon catch up with you. You made it easy for investigations and courts to carry their mandates with energy and zeal,” said Gomwe.

He distanced Zanu PF from Kunaka’s Chipangano group which he said was created to further a G40 factional agenda.

“Let me remind you Jim, you did everything under your Chipangano banner, a factional (Gamatox) militia not a Zanu Pf organ.

“I appreciate the fact that you did not make any attempt to sanitize your own history of violence during your testimony,” added Gomwe.

“But as you confirmed that you had immunity from Gamatox grouping during your time as Chipangano leader, people will soon show you that once out of the bunkers you are exposed, and law will never forget you, though may forgive.

“You were misguided, thinking you can lie under oath and try to use propaganda to tarnish the ZANU PF brand.

“You have been behaving like a headless chicken, the spirits of those you killed are terrorizing you. Kasukuwere tried to sneak you back in Zanu PF, because he wanted to use you to further his agendas but you faced resistance and isolation, no one wanted to be associated with you,” further noted Gomwe.

He fingered Kunaka for masterminding the 1st of August violence as a way of showing his capabilities to his new home, the MDC Alliance.

“Now that you have joined MDC Alliance, you wanted to show them your capabilities by unleashing violence and terror attacks on 1 August and indeed you masterminded and proved as usual,” further noted Gomwe.


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