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Zimbabwe: HIV Stigma and Discrimination Still a Major Problem

A new report by the Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV (ZNNP+) has found that stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV remains a major problem in the country. The report, titled “Zimbabwe Stigma Index 2.0,” found that 69.7% of people living with HIV in Zimbabwe have experienced stigma or discrimination in the past year.

The report found that stigma and discrimination can have a devastating impact on people living with HIV. It can lead to social isolation, job loss, and even violence. The report also found that stigma and discrimination can make it difficult for people to access HIV treatment and care.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr. John Mangwiro, called for a “strengthened multi-sectoral approach” to address the problem of HIV stigma and discrimination. He said that the government is committed to supporting people living with HIV and AIDS, and that it will work with other stakeholders to raise awareness of the problem and to develop strategies to address it.

The ZNNP+ is calling for a number of measures to be taken to address HIV stigma and discrimination, including, increased education and awareness-raising about HIV and AIDS, stronger laws and policies to protect people living with HIV from discrimination and support for people living with HIV who have experienced stigma and discrimination.

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The ZNNP+ is also calling for the government to invest more in HIV prevention, treatment, and care. It believes that these investments will help to reduce the stigma and discrimination that people living with HIV face.

The report by the ZNNP+ is a reminder that HIV stigma and discrimination remain a major problem in Zimbabwe. It is important to continue to raise awareness of the problem and to work to address it.

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