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‘Mugabe Back Off Politics, Give Young People Space’

A cross section of Zimbabweans have told former President, Robert Mugabe to stay off politics and enjoy his resignation rather than try to sneak back into the political filed and ruin the country again.

Speaking to 263Chat, young people said Mugabe’s recent move that suggestive of someone seeking a come back into the political fray exuded a power hungry, shrewd and cunning politician at a time when everyone expected him to let the country move forward.

“That Mugabe is power hungry and for him to go back in power is a daylight dreaming because no young people will vote for a party which has a Mugabe back up.

“Well, the case of Robert Gabriel Karigamombe Mugabe is an undaunted scenario of a traumatized dictator who is dreaming in his dreams to once again usurp power after being rejected and deposed by the very same toxic system he crafted.

‘Mugabe and his like minds must appreciate that time has equally come for the youths to take over the button stick and finish off what our people went to war for, what Samora Machel hosted us for.

“This election presents a sure generics opportunity for young people to take over and rest the older guys. We do not need a repeat of the past 37 years of economic, social, religious and physical murder,” said Treasure Basopo, a University of Zimbabwe student

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He went on to say that Mugabe must relax, be less selfish and be considerate and that he can not continue to suffocate and monopolize the political space which has been given to younger people by God.

Another youth, Ostalos Siziba is also of the same sentiments, but however, added that the country is dying because of old people who are thirsty for power and not allowing you people to take over.

“It is visibly visible to any citizen 94 year Robert Mugabe is a clear sign that the man has an unquestionable thirst for power, but more importantly to note are a few things about this perennial thirsty for power- it means that its a plus for the opposition which needs to unite and capitalize on this.

“It demonstrates beyond that are events of November 18 were unconstitutional and the AU and SADC are found wanting again in Zimbabwe, they did so in 2008 defending Mugabe but this time Mugabe is the victim. The return of Mugabe shows beyond doubt that our politics as a country and backward and toxic, wherein to old is dying and the new is not allowed to be born,” he said

Siziba added,” This is why our economy is in shambles, we have this old clueless individual who never and will never understand the importance of a vision. In the end, it is the ordinary citizen who suffers. Zimbabwe is under capture.”

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Mugabe is believed to be the brains behind the formation of the  National Patriotic Front,(NPF), a party of former Zanu-PF members, most of whom were purged after the military takeover of November 15.

The NPF is currently being led former by former Zanu-PF Politburo member, Ambrose Mutinhiri who quit from the Emmerson Mnangagwa led cabinet a fortnight ago.

NPF spokesperson, Jealous Mawarire confirmed Mugabe’s support to the party on a South African television channel, ANN7 saying that the former president is an NPF member but he is urging them to follow the country constitution.

Recently the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association’s (ZNLWVA) top leadership has ordered former President Robert Mugabe to shut up and stop seeking to mount a political comeback by demonising his successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mutsvangwa said the former President was booted out last November because he had diverted from the ethos of the liberation struggle.


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