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Parliament Recalls A Reversal Of People’s Will- Mahere

The Nelson Chamisa led opposition MDC Alliance has condemned the latest recalls of legislators by the MDC-T saying it is a reverse of the people’s will.

In a statement, Alliance spokesperson Advocate Fadzayi Mahere said they are of the view that state institutions are being abused.

“The MDC Alliance condemns the recall of nine of its MPs as announced by the Speaker of Parliament today. This recall is a violent onslaught on the will of the people who elected MDC Alliance MPs into Parliament.

“We take the firm view that state institutions, including Parliament, are being abused to reverse the will of the people and replace it with an unholy alliance between Mr Mnangagwa and Ms Khupe. This great reversal of the people’s will by Zanu PF is a continuation of the electoral theft of 2018,” said Mahere

She said the recalls were compelled by pressure from Zanu PF and its delegation in the MDC-T and were targeting proportional representation because they want to impose Thokozani Khupe.

“The firing of our MPs is an act of coercion by Zanu PF and its proxies because our MPs have refused to support them freely and voluntarily. They are targeting proportional representation MPs because they want to create space for their handpicked surrogates, including their leader, Thokozani Khupe, who lost dismally in the 2018 election. They want to hand her a free ticket into Parliament to make her an opposition stooge in Parliament even though she has no mandate from the people,” she said

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Mahere said the recall of MPs is a way of distracting the Alliance and the majority of Zimbabweans from national concerns and therefore should be condemned.

“The MDC-A, in line with the people’s mandate, is seized with issues of fundamental national concern that are affecting the livelihood of ordinary Zimbabweans including, but not limited to, corruption, violations of human rights, and an economy in decline.

“This despicable ploy to enter the corridors of influence through underhanded and insincere tactics using borrowed state powers to distract and cause unnecessary havoc should be condemned by all. This attempt by Zanu PF, and all its manifestations, to subvert the will of the people shall be defeated.” Mahere said “We will not be distracted but remain firm in our resolve to win Zimbabwe for change.”

Nine legislators were yesterday recalled from Parliament bringing the total number of recalled MPs to 13 so far.

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