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War Vets Exonerate ED From Gukurahundi Atrocities, Threaten To Dishonor Mugabe


Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZLWVA) Secretary General Victor Matemadanda has launched a scathing attack at the former president Robert Mugabe claiming that he unilaterally declared war on Matebeleland people in what came to be known as Gukurahundi atrocities that claimed more than 20 000 people.

Matemadanda exonerated President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the then minister of state security saying he had no hand in the ‘genocide’.

During his birthday celebrations last month, Mugabe claimed that his then State Security minister during the era and current President Emmerson Mnangagwa was responsible for every other killing that has happened in the country.

However, Matemadanda defended his boss saying he had nothing to do with the killings insisting Mugabe acted in his own wisdom without consulting anyone.

“Mugabe is alleged to have killed a lot of people, more than anyone else, only second to (Ian) Smith and (Abel) Muzorewa because those are the other people who killed most humans in this country and outside.

“How can he talk about just six people, who died in an accident after the 2018 elections and say Mnangagwa is not God. Of course, we don’t condone the killings, we don’t want people to die but hundreds of people are dying elsewhere, in America, Britain and South Africa, people are dying,” Matemadanda said.

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He stated that the fact that Mnangagwa instituted a commission of inquiry meant he is a sincere leader who wants to get things right.

“Can Mugabe tell us what he did with the Gukurahundi? What inquiry did he set up? Nothing, because he knew and still know that he was responsible. He is answerable, he should tell us his plan. He did not talk to anyone that he wanted to destroy the people of Matebeleland, “the frothing Matemadanda alleged.

He went on a rant asking why Mugabe did not attack Mashonaland West Province, where he hails from.

“Mugabe is not qualified to talk about human life,” said Matemadanda.

He said Mugabe should keep quiet and rest in his retirement and threatened to have all building and roads named after the former president in his honor, renamed and have legacy erased from history books.

Mugabe has on several occasions dismissed the killings saying it was “a moment of madness”.

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