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Chamisa Being Funded By Mugabe’s Stolen Money: War Vets

War Veterans Secretary-General, Victor Matemadanda has told MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa to “chill and relax” as he is a beneficiary of former President Robert Mugabe’s dirty and stolen money.

The eccentric war vets supremo claimed that Chamisa has been in contact with Mugabe and has been funded in his quest to remain leader of the country’s largest opposition party.

“Chamisa should relax, he is too speedy, and he needs to ask himself where Mugabe is getting all the money that he is giving him. He should ask himself why Mugabe is funding him.

“If he (Chamisa) was mature enough, he would see that as the opposition, they used to talk about stories of Mugabe stealing money through his travelling expenses. Unbeknown to us, that money was being stolen to fund the opposition and by accepting the money,” said the Defence Deputy Minister.

However, the MDC party has poured cold on the allegations saying Chamisa has never been in contact with Mugabe.

“There hasn’t been any contact or visit between the two, if he had done so, it would have been known because Matemadanda is a security person. So all that is a small talk by people who want to run away from their failures” said the MDC party’s spokesperson, Jacob Mafume.

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Mafume told 263chat that Matemadanda needs mental help as he sometimes forgets his national duties while focusing on the opposition.

“Matemadanda should visit a psychiatric hospital sooner than later. He seems to have forgotten who the leader of his party is, he seems to have forgotten that he is part of a government that is failing to provide medicines for hospitals…

“He has abandoned his duty to focus on opposition politics, if anything, he is the one who benefited from Mugabe.

“War vets got money from Mugabe, they got farms and everything from Mugabe and Chamisa has not received anything from Mugabe except probably his vote,” said Mafume.

He further claimed that the war vets leader has not achieved anything despite him having benefitted a lot on a silver platter.

“Matemadanda, for a man of his age, has not achieved anything except being a Deputy like (Deputy Information Minister) Energy Mutodi,” he claimed.

The war vets, despite their latest rant, have been calling for Chamisa to dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the country’ economic situation continues to deteriorate.

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