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Zanu-PF Concerned About Riches: Kasukuwere.

Two years after being booted out of the ruling party, former cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere has lashed out the Zanu-PF leadership for being more concerned about self-enrichment and acquiring wealth while ignoring the plight of the suffering masses.

The former Zanu-PF Political Commissar said the party had lost direction and now led by selfish individuals.

“They want more money, they want more riches, and they have lost the direction of the revolution.

“When they (Zanu PF) meet, hear their resolutions, none of the resolutions makes sense, they have no basis to move forward,” said Kasukuwere, while addressing the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) congress in Soweto over the weekend.

Kasukuwere has been gaining social media clout in the past few weeks as he is believed to be preparing a bid to challenge President Emmerson Mnangagwa for the country’s top job in the 2023 elections.

Recently, a campaign codenamed #TysonWabantu was launched in Bulawayo and spreading to other parts of the country.

While at the congress, Kasukuwere further stated that Zanu-PF has failed to feed the nation and said there is a revolution that is inevitable in Zimbabwe due to high levels of poverty.

“A hungry people cannot be governed and this is the challenge many liberation movements are facing in Africa,” he said.

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He also noted that the party has remained in the war mood for close to four decades while ignoring the need to grow the economy.

“We can’t focus on growing the cake, on growing our economy, get our people into mining, get our people into agriculture, and get our people to become masters of their own destiny.

“We have done enough politics, but for the necessity…must lead us into total control of the economy,” he said.

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