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Saviour Kasukuwere

ED Threatens Dishonest Govt Officials

President Emmerson Mnangawa has today revealed that unscrupulous business activities are continuing to milk out the country’s millions of dollars saying due to tender manipulation, money laundering and tax evasion charging that the full…

The Zhuwao Brief Reloaded

Dear Patriots, Comrades and Friends by Patrick Zhuwao Dear Patriots, Comrades and Friends, I hope I find you well as I bring to you this instalment of the ZBR exactly a month after the last one. It is with profound regret that I have…

Chamisa Not a Winner Yet!

The popularity of Nelson Chamisa has made the ruling party ZANU PF shiver as the 40 year old legislator has become their new rival in post Tsvangirai era .After the burial of the former Prime Minister DR Tsvangirai on 20 February all eyes…
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